A New Restaurant Dedicated Entirely To Garlic Bread Has Opened In The UK

A brand new restaurant has just opened in the UK which is dedicated entirely to garlic bread.

A brand new restaurant has just opened in the UK which is dedicated entirely to garlic bread.

There aren’t many foods that are as universally loved as garlic bread.

It is perfect as a starter before a meal, the ideal comfort food or as a snack.

So garlic bread lovers will be delighted to hear that there is a restaurant dedicated to the dish.

Located in Shudehill, Manchester, the team behind Ciaooo Pizerria – which is also in Manchester – has launched Ciaooo Loaded Garlic Bread. 

The eatery will be open every day from 12pm to 6pm.

Ciaoo Pizerria are known for their mouth-watering sourdough crusts and buratta-covered pizzas – so you know that their garlic bread will be equally delicious.

The restaurant will offer a wide variety of options on its menu.

Ciaooo Pizerria has opened Ciaooo Loaded Garlic Bread. 

If you want to play it safe and go for something you know you’ll like, you can get a plain garlic bread.

If you want to experiment and push the boat out a little further, the restaurant offers a loaded garlic bread that you can cover with truffle, pesto, marinara and a whole bunch of other delicious toppings.

Buratta is also on the menu – as well as other cheese toppings such as parmesan and mozzarella.

Fortunately the restaurant won’t be too pricey either so it won’t put a dent in your bank account.

Most items on the menu cost around £6.50 – while the standard garlic bread will be priced between £5 and £5.50.

However, the most expensive thing you can order are hot cheetos and meatballs, which will cost £8.20.

Despite it being a garlic bread restaurant, there are other items on offer too just in case you do fancy something a little different.

The restaurant chain has small 10-inch pizzas available and you can customise these with a wide range of toppings like parma ham and chorizo.

Ciaooo also has a deep-fried lasagne on the menu as well as an Oreo milkshake.

The news of a garlic bread restaurant has made some noise on social media, with people expressing their excitement.

“I need to be there!” expresses one person.

Someone else adds: “Sounds like my kind of place to be honest.”

A third fan boldly claims: “My whole life has been leading up to this.”

Another person jokes: “It’s the stuff heart attacks are made of.”

“Right up my street love garlic bread,” adds a fifth.




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