How Much Does it Cost to Run Your Kitchen Appliances?

Here at Swan, we understand that times are hard. So, we've tested all of our appliances for cost per use, so that you don't have to, and put them together in handy tables so that you can be sure to save money this winter and be more energy efficient in the future.

Every kitchen owner should know energy efficiency is important, not only to lessen their energy cost of living but also reduce their energy consumption. By measuring and tracking a kitchen appliance’s energy usage, users are able to identify opportunities where energy and money can be saved. To do this, the first step is to calculate energy costs for all appliances in the household. Generally speaking, larger single-use appliances such as an oven or refrigerator use more energy than multiple-use appliances such as microwaves or dishwashers. Then, compare the energy costs of these appliances with energy fees that have been set by your energy provider.

With a bit of preparation and effort, you can make running your kitchen as efficient – and affordable – as possible!


Boil TimeCostkWBoil TimeCostkW
Retro Dome30001 minute 182p0.0592 minutes 193.77p0.114
Retro Jug30001 minute 252p0.062 minutes 403.87p0.114
Nordic30001 minute 252p0.0592 minutes 433.87p0.114
Gatsby Pyramid30001 minute 332.1p0.0612 minutes 503.87p0.114
Gatsby Jug30001 minute 282.07p0.062 minutes 46387p0.114

Air Fryers

Air Fryer Model20 mins20 mins15 mins15 mins
CostkW CostkW CostkW CostkW
Retro Air Fryer 10.16p ▴ 0.299 9.24p ▴ 0.272 7.62p ▴ 0.224 6.93p ▴ 0.204
Stealth Air Fryer 8.62p ▴ 0.254 7.4p ▴ 0.218 6.36p ▴ 0.19 5.55p ▴ 0.164
Duo Digital Air Fryer 14.34p ▴ 0.422 13.46p ▴ 0.396 10.75p ▴ 0.316 10.1p ▴ 0.297
5.5L Digital Air Fryer 9.78p ▴ 0.288 8.08p ▴ 0.238 7.34p ▴ 0.216 6.06p ▴ 0.178

Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker LowLowHighHigh
WattageCost per hrkWCost per hrkW
1.5L Retro Slow Cooker120W2.64p0.0783.84p0.114
3.5L Retro Slow Cooker200W3.84p0.1146.3p0.186
6.5L Retro Slow Cooker320W
3.5L Nordic Slow Cooker200W


Heater Type1 Setting2 Setting3 Setting
Cost per hrWattageCost per hrWattageCost per hrWattage
9 Finned Oil Filled Radiator28.62p80040.8p120068p2000
Column Patio Heater w/ Table
Column Heater34p100068p2000
Portable Heater40.8p1200
Electric Plug-in Heater25p700
Vertical Fan Heater28.74p100055.08p2000
Horizontal Fan Heater45.66p150087.06p3000

**Calculated using the UK: Price Guarantee (October 2022) electricity rate of 34.00 pence per kWh. Information correct of 31/10/22 subject to changes in energy tariffs**