Etiquette Expert Slammed After Telling Women ‘Elegant’ Way To Eat A Burger

An etiquette expert has explained how to ‘elegantly’ eat a burger - and it’s sparked a fierce debate.

An etiquette expert has explained how to ‘elegantly’ eat a burger – and it’s sparked a fierce debate.

When it comes to tucking into a delicious, juicy burger, it’s fair to say the majority go for the same technique. 

With a two-handed grip on the bun, lift, and straight in for a big bite.

Now, though, an etiquette expert says people have been getting it badly wrong.

TikTok user @antoniahigham made a video in which she tells – specifically women – how to eat a burger in an ‘elegant’ way. 

She was subsequently slammed in the comments.

Antonia captioned her post: “Elegant ladies never eat a burger like this,” before picking up the burger and holding it up to her mouth – like most people would.

Text over the video reads: “Do not pick it up and shove it in your mouth.”

She also says not to pick it apart or dip it in a sauce while eating. 

Apparently, the ‘elegant’ way to eat a burger is slicing it into two halves before further cutting it into smaller, bite-sized pieces.

However, it’s fair to say her advice hasn’t exactly gone down well online.

“Elegant ladies never eat a burger like this” – ‘etiquette expert’ sparks debate on TikTok

One user commented: “I refuse to eat a burger that’s cut up into pieces like I’m a child.”

Another wrote: “Just eat it the way you want. No need to be elegant when it comes to eating a burger.”

“Don’t trust someone who eats their burger with utensils… just kidding but I need my fingers,” said another.

A fourth added: “I don’t give a damn who I’m eating with… but if I order a burger I’m eating it with my hands!”

“Okay, this one I’m gonna have to disagree with. I don’t think it would taste the same,” chimed in a fifth.

That said, some people appreciated Antonia’s technique.

One person wrote: “This is fantastic. Then you don’t get any drippings on your clothes, takes longer to eat so you don’t fill up faster and your hands are clean.”

A second added: “I’ve always cut mine in half but never into pieces. I will do this from now on!”

Antonia has also posted videos on how ‘elegant’ ladies can properly eat pizza, soup and sandwiches.

On drinking tea, she warns people not to tap spoons on mugs or blow on it to make it cooler.

Contrary to popular belief, it is also not elegant for women to stick their pinky fingers out or hold the saucer while sipping their brews.

She writes: “Pinky in, saucer on the table and lift.”

See the video for yourself:

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