Haribo Fans Are Only Just Realising What Flavour The Green Gummy Bear Is

Haribo fans are losing it after discovering the flavour of the green Goldbear.

Haribo fans are losing it after discovering the flavour of the green Goldbear.

The German confectionery company is one of the biggest names in the world of sweets.

Haribo is recognisable for its range of products such as its iconic and recognisable Starmix to its sweet Tangfastics.

Another one of the brand’s most famous sweets is its Goldbears – which is a pack of different coloured jelly bears.

This consists of a yellow, red, orange, white, and green bear.

The yellow bear is lemon flavoured, the red is raspberry flavoured and the white tastes like pineapple.

While the orange is the same flavour as, erm, an orange.

You would assume that the green bear tastes something like lime, apple or grapes.

However, in a surprising twist, it’s actually strawberry-flavoured.

You would assume that the green bear tastes something like lime, apple or grapes.

This was shared on Twitter by one user who tweeted: “Do you guys ever think about how the green Haribo gummy bear is the strawberry-flavoured one?”

They then follow it up by adding ‘this fact has haunted my brain for years’ before sharing a picture of all the flavours being explained.

People have been responding to this in the comments, with one person claiming that it has changed their ‘entire life’.

Someone else adds: “I would have been SO MUCH nicer to Green had I known!”

A third writes: “I was today years old when my 4 yr old schooled me on the [flavour] when I told her it’s apple, she said No, mom! It’s strawberry. Showed me the back and she was right.”

Another user pens: “Like you could have done pink or light red or something but, green? 

“It’s not watermelon or apple or anything that would be logical to be f***ing green. 

“Not a damn strawberry! Unless your flavor is Strawberry stems it doesn’t need to be GREEN!”

However, others seemed to already know that the green Goldbear was the strawberry flavour.

Someone explains: “Always knew that strawberry was green. 

“When I was a kid I had Skittles which the green was lime before green apple then and then I had these gummy bears and after I ate a green one I knew the [flavour] was strawberry checked the package to double check.”

Another user adds: “Y’all late asf. If you were born in the 80’s & 90’s, you know this already.”

A third comments: “It’s plain to see people aren’t true fans of Haribo gummy bears if they were they would have always known the green one is strawberry [flavour]… 

“Nothing has changed its been that flavour since the beginning of time. This is coming from a fan that buys them weekly.”

Others have pointed out that in their country the green Goldbear is in fact apple – so it’s easy to understand the confusion.


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