How to spend Christmas day, a Swan Family guide

The big day has arrived, veggies are prepped, turkey is stuffed and it's time to make new memories with these Swan Family Christmas day ideas.

So, it’s the big day, you’re all in matching pyjamas and there’s wrapping paper everywhere. The day you’ve been waiting for and finally all those presents are opened. Stuck in chrimbo limbo for the dinner you’ve been waiting for all year. Well, we’re here to spark some ideas into how you can spend Christmas day – the Swan Family way.

Boy and girl spend christmas day making crafts with santa hats on.

Get crafty with your little ones

How about getting the craft box out? You can make handmade thank you cards for all the new gifts, or even design your very own Christmas crackers ready for the dinner table. Integrate your wrapping paper into the fun as a creative way to recycle.

The kids will love getting crafty this year so why not set them a challenge? Create a time capsule of their highlights of the year and ambitions for next year.

Play holiday themed games with the whole family

Our family favourites are charades, cards games and that all important Monopoly board. But why not turn a classic board game into a holiday theme like festive Scrabble or Christmas Pictionary.

Box of old toys and teddies shows how to spend christmas day donating.

Roll up your sleeves and lend a hand in the community

With all the new toys, it might be difficult finding a place for them all to go. Instead of sticking them all in a cardboard box to be rummaged each day, ask them to pick a few toys to donate.

Not only will this clear some space for new ones, but it can also teach them the significance of donating to children less fortunate. The Young Planet App is a great way of giving and receiving this Christmas. Or why not try a local Hospital, Shelter, Nursery, Religious Centres or charity shops in your area who are always happy to take donations.

Another way to spread the love this Christmas is to lend a hand in the community. From soup kitchens to homeless shelters, there’s tons of ways you can give back this Christmas including signing up to Crisis at Christmas.

Young family spend christmas day building a gingerbread house.

Build yourself a gingerbread house

Baking your very own gingerbread house is probably one of the most creative festive treats out there. Whether you buy a pre-baked kit or start from scratch, there’s so many magical ways to decorate them and make them your own. It’s an activity the whole family can get stuck into from construction to piping.

A candy cane hunt for the kids

Why should Easter have all the fun with this classic game? Hosting a candy cane hunt can keep the kids occupied while dinner simmers away.

Go for the classic ‘whoever finds the most wins’ or mix it up with different coloured canes. The first one to get all five of their favourite colour or collect one of each colour to win!

Young family spend christmas day laughing and smiling around dinner table.

Enjoy your Christmas feast

Let’s not forget that all important roast dinner. There’s nothing like bringing the family all together over a gorgeous selection of Christmas family recipes. Crack open your handmade crackers, pop the bubbly and join together over a spread made with love.

Check out our other blog on how to make the perfect Christmas Dinner with Swan.

Take a refreshing walk

Don’t be stuck in the kitchen all day. After the roast is depleted, take a minute to get some fresh air on a family walk around the local park. Or maybe venture a little further out and go on a nature trail. Don’t forget your woolly hats, scarves and mittens!

Family spend christmas day watching films on projector screen with fairy lights all around them

Christmas Karaoke

Another Swan family favourite is joining around the Christmas tree for Karaoke. Whether that’s Christmas tunes or Karaoke classics there’s sure to be a song right for you and your loved ones to have a sing and dance to this Christmas.

A Christmas movie marathon

Whether it’s on the couch with a duvet or inside your own Christmas fort in the living room, watching movies is a must at Christmastime. From old classics to modern twists, there’s something for everyone.

Just make sure you have plenty of festive snacks, popcorn and hot choccies at the ready so you can sit back, relax and snuggle in for a Christmas movie marathon.

Spend Christmas day the Swan Family Way

There’s something for everyone to do on Christmas day, whether its snuggled up or getting stuck in with crafts and baking. However you choose to spend your day, from the whole Swan Family, we’d love to wish you a Merry Christmas!