International Nurses Day 2021

Today is a special day and deserves so much of our attention. Today is International Nurses Day 2021, a day on which we celebrate and recognise all nurses and their phenomenal work worldwide.

International Nurses Day reminds us just how lucky we are to have nurses, and how important it is to spread the love and wholeheartedly say thank you to the many contributions they make for us.

Their kind ways, their patience, their love and their care. Without them, where would we be?

Photograph of nurse in scrubs uniform and a surgical mask facing the camera and smiling

International Nurses Day is intentionally celebrated every year on May 12th, as this date is the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. For those of you who don’t know who Florence Nightingale is (aka The Lady with the Lamp), she’s definitely worth a Google.

Nurses haven’t just been astonishingly hardworking since the dawn of time; they’ve also been doing their very best to help us get through this global pandemic as safely as possible.

And while we have always been tremendously grateful to nurses for the risks, they take for us, our gratefulness just continues to increase with each new day of the pandemic.

We only wish we could do more to help express the gratitude we all feel nationwide for their incredible work.

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Photograph of a nurse in scrubs and a nurse at reception laughing with each other with a doctor nearby

We have all experienced many hard days during the pandemic. Well, imagine a hard day, every single day. Imagine caring for other people’s hard days as well as your own. It takes a strong individual to be able to look after multiple others in such scary surroundings.

We can’t imagine how hard it must be to keep going and pushing forward with constant positive vibes. We put our lives in the hands of these people and they always keep calm and carry on.

Nurses, we just don’t know what we’d do without you.

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A woman off camera holding gold balloons that spell out the word love

So, we put our heads together over the last twelve months to think what we could do to make our nurses smile.

We started with a fun video which meant the whole of Swan getting involved. At the time, we were all working from home amidst the first lockdown and couldn’t wait to get involved in something that felt half sociable!

Yes, we will be seeing you in Hollywood.

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Video from Swan Brand

Photograph of nurse stretching in an office with her hands up in the air at her desk chair

Afterwards, we donated some lovely Swan items to various hospitals all over the UK. We just loved the idea of giving back to the people who do nothing but give to us.

Every workplace should have a kettle and toaster for that morning staff room tea and toast catch-up! During hard times, it was the least we could do for our nurses.

And especially in those hard times, who doesn’t benefit from a yummy microwave meal!

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Photograph of small sign that reads 12 May Nurses Day next to cut out paper hearts heart chocolates and syringes

Our thoughts go out to all nurses that are still fighting in order to keep us all safe. We see so many of them going to work with a smile on their faces, and we hope they know we all recognise their bravery!

Today, may we all spend some time spreading the love to our nurses all over the world. They deserve it, we have no doubt.

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Happy International Nurses Day 2021 from everybody at Swan!