Introducing Swan’s New Stealth Range

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Fast, responsive technology!

The new Stealth range has fast, responsive technology for quick and effortless preparation. If you have a busy schedule and are always on the go and want to make quick, easy meals, the Stealth range products are ideal for you.The Stealth range combines high-level performance, impressive functionality, and a sleek, sharp, yet understated design. You can enjoy quick, easy and healthy meals with the Swan Stealth Range.

The Stealth Range Products

Check out the amazing products that are available as part of the Swan Stealth Range.

Lifestyle photograph of Swans Smart Grill in a modern kitchen with a young couple eating gilled burgers and pak choi

Stealth Smart Grill

The Swan Stealth Smart Grill allows you to enjoy healthier versions of your favourite foods. It is ideal for the health-conscious and those looking for a quick and easy way to cook a range of low-fat, low-calorie meals. The Stealth Smart Grill has non-stick grill plates, which means you can cook with little to no oil needed. They are also specially designed so that the fat simply slides away! Perfect if you lead a healthy lifestyle or are looking to cut down on extra calories and want to keep on track of your calorie consumption.

The Swan Stealth Grill includes smart cooking sensors that adapt the cooking settings based on the size and thickness of the food to ensure a perfectly cooked meal. The Swan Stealth Smart grill also has pre-set automatic cooking functions and manual cooking controls. The clever floating hinge mechanism can fit even thicker foods like steaks and sandwiches.

This smart grill is bound to become your new favourite kitchen appliance! It’s perfect for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, and its generous size means you can cook enough for multiple people or several meals at once. Grill all your favourites with ease and enjoy hassle-free low-fat meals with the Swan Stealth Smart Grill.

Stealth Personal Blender in modern kitchen scaled

Stealth Personal Blender

Our compact yet powerful 1200-watt Swan Stealth Personal Blender juices, blends and grinds effortlessly to make delicious and healthy smoothies, shakes, soups, sauces, and dressings. Offering powerful vitamin and nutrient extraction, this personal blender pulls out all the good stuff from every ingredient. It’s a quick and easy way to get nutritional foods into your diet.

Struggle to get in your five a day? Worry no more with the Stealth Personal Blender! Increase your fruit and veg intake with ease. Simply fill up your blender with your favourite fruits and vegetables, blend and drink. Check out some of our delicious, healthy smoothie recipes for inspiration. The compact personal blender delivers perfectly portioned blends, ideal for one or two people.

The pro extractor blades crush through ice, seeds, skin, and stems for a smooth even consistency without the faff. Blend from frozen and make delicious frozen fruit smoothies – perfect for hot summer months or as a refreshing start to your morning.

The Stealth Personal Blender is an essential appliance for anyone on a health kick. It’s so easy to use and incredibly versatile. Make shakes, smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings, and quickly blend ingredients for other recipes too. Once you start using this, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Swan Stealth Kettle

Stealth 1.7L Kettle

The sleek, contemporary, and stylish Swan 1.7-litre Stealth kettle is the perfect kettle for the modern kitchen. With its top-level design combined with its high functionality, you will enjoy making your cuppa almost as much as drinking it. Rapid-boil technology ensures quick results, so you’re not left waiting. The generous 1.7L capacity also means you can make up to 8 cups at once or boil water for cooking in a flash. Its sleek, streamlined and stylish all-black design with a matte finish will look great in any modern kitchen.

Black Stealth 4 Slice Toaster toasting bagels next to a cup of espresso and smashed avocado on a bagel slice

Stealth 4-Slice Toaster

Every kitchen needs a toaster, and this 4-slice Swan Stealth toaster won’t disappoint. With its top-level design combined with its high functionality, it makes the morning breakfast rush a breeze. Varying browning levels and independent controls for each side ensure your bread is toasted to perfection every time. No matter your preferences, you can adjust this toaster to suit your needs.

Modern technology will allow you to make a quick breakfast in the morning and get on with your day. Toast efficiently and in-style with the Stealth 4-slice toaster.

Avocado toast, anyone?

Swan Stealth Microwave

Stealth 800W Microwave

The powerful Swan Stealth 800W Microwave makes food preparation quick, convenient and hassle-free even when in a rush. High-performance technology combined with a sleek, streamlined all-black finish makes this the perfect contemporary microwave for the modern kitchen.

Cook a variety of dishes quickly and easily with the Stealth 20L Microwave. Defrost vegetables in a flash and reheat leftovers with the push of a button. Meal prepping has never been so easy.

Invest in Stealth

We hope you like the new Swan Stealth Range as much as we do. We’ve spent months designing, developing and innovating these Stealth appliances to ensure a high-performance range that will last for years. Invest in Stealth to help yourself lead a healthier lifestyle.

If you buy any of our Stealth Range products, we’d love to see, share your pictures with us on Instagram and tag us @swanbranduk.