Maximalist interior design

The maximalist interior design trend has crept up on us, to say the least. For those who haven’t heard of this new trend, read on…

Maximalism is a creative way to vocalise your thoughts, passions and emotions. It’s a striking expression of your inner self and all of its favourite places. Maximalism is about making your interior scream, ‘this is who I am!’ (And not apologising, might we add). Maximalist interior design expresses an emphatic style composed of mixed patterns, curated collections and saturated colours.

Maximalist interior design with blue and white couches, spherical brown tables, large abstract rug and marble walls

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Photograph of an abstract painting with greens, yellows and a small about of red in large brushstrokes

The end of minimalism

You might have heard a lot more about minimalist interior designs than you have about maximalism, but trust us, maximalism isn’t a quiet or subtle trend. This up-and-coming décor movement will encourage you to make the most of your favourite spaces and make them as bold as possible in the process.

Maximalism is an explosive reaction against minimalism. This trend is the epitome of excess and we’re proud to say we love it! After years of espousing minimalism, we think we’ve earned the right to go to the maximum! Trust us when we say that when it comes to maximalism, more really is more. That means more of what we love – and who couldn’t use more of that!

Finally, a trend that will encourage us to celebrate ourselves! Especially after a year of hiding away from it all, we’re now in a ready-steady position to start pushing those creative boundaries! Can’t choose between your two favourite patterns? No problem, because maximalism means you can collaborate with both and more!

Too bold? Go bolder!

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Maximalist blue room with light blue table, potted white plant and blue mirror

Maximalist essentials

Maximalist interior design requires a bit of hard work and some careful thinking time, as do all interior décor layouts. Maximalism means creating a wild-card space that you can call your own, made to leave you with the sensation that you’ve created a work of art. A work of art you never thought you’d be capable of, one that requires your personal touch and plenty of uniqueness.

It can be explained as a coordinated collision of bold statements.

The easiest way to comprehend a maximalist layout is by imagining it as a journey of evolution.

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Maximalist living room with red wall with black couch, green pot plant and blue throw

Perhaps this starts with the floor. Here you can introduce some strong coloured tiles or carpet. This show starter can then guide your eyes up to some funky walls full of excessively loud floral wallpaper, not so hidden behind a gallery of richly coloured, artistically framed posters. This support act can then draw your attention to the main event: a velvet tasselled four-poster bed, spoiled with floral and dogtooth print pillows.

On paper? Yes, this layout can result in absolute chaos. But when done right, bring it on. Come on, we know you like a challenge!

As with all other interior layouts, these choices are up to you – whether you’d like a little more subtlety or a little more pizazz. With maximalism, there’s always room for more!

Photograph of floral armchair in a wooden cabin with beige grey curtains

Keep it bold

One particular maximalist trend we’ve noticed is the sheer amount of thick material items such as sofas, chairs and cushions. These materials range from rich velvets to thickly patterned wools and even faux fur. (Ooh-err!)

Another trend has got to be the voluminous amount of rich, block colours. We’ve often seen them used in wallpaper and carpets. And if not used in those? You’ll notice colour, here, there and in every other space available!

Not sure which block colours to start with? Think Swan. Our Retro range exposes our fun side – let it expose yours! The heavy, complicated patterns can join the party at a later date. There’s no rush when it comes to interior dreams!

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Retro yellow desk fan on a wooden desk with potted plants

Take a risk

If you’re a little nervous to try out this daring new maximalist lifestyle, this is completely understandable. Don’t worry, we’re here! Trying something new is beneficial, especially when it comes to maximalism. You can start slow, take your time and enjoy the journey.

Trust us and try a few small additions to a space you use a lot. Then the rest will flow from there. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what creative outcomes you can achieve when you put your mind to it!

Swan Retro Desk Fan in Yellow!

Kitchen fitted with Swan Retro Orange appliances including Retro Microwave, Retro Pans, Retro Espresso Machine, Retro Toaster and Retro Fridge

You can relax and ease into it at your own pace, giving you time to make those critical decisions along the way. The beauty of trying out maximalism as your summer approaches is the bright and beautiful colours you can introduce to your home while you’re experimenting!

Remember, maximalism is for those who are not prepared to compromise. We’re here to tell you that you should stand your ground and enjoy yourselves when designing your new area of organised, multi-patterned madness!

Photograph of an old wooden armchair next to three footrests with storage compartments with a glass table resting against the grey stone wall

Displaying a sentimental piece of décor can be a wise place to start for those of you who don’t know how to. You can make it the centrepiece and direct all of the other aspects towards it.

It doesn’t matter what type of interior trend you find confidence with. What matters is that the layout reflects you and your best-self personality!

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We trust that whichever design choices you make, you’ll put your passions and your favourite feels first! Take yourself off on a new interior adventure and you’ll never look back! Treat yourself, from all of us here at Swan.