Meet The Swan Team – Get to know Emily!

This week, we are getting to know Swan’s very own Emily Brown: Junior Merchandiser. Em is new to the role after shifting over to Swan’s Purchasing Department from Ecommerce in early October 2021...

Man sat in front of a blurry computer screen holding up his phone with an overlay of blue email notifications

1) What are your daily duties and responsibilities?

“Data manipulation, pulling reports and analysing the patterns in which stock sells to predict/forecast what we need to purchase more of- and responding to various queries via email.”

It’s safe to say we love an email here at Swan!

Photograph of a woman with black hair sat at her laptop with graph and spreadsheets displayed on the screen

2) Describe your role in three words.

“Spreadsheets, data, interesting.”

Photograph of black cells with numbers on a spreadsheet

3) What do you find most challenging?

“I think formulas in Excel, even with incredible guidance, are very challenging. When someone who’s been in this department for a while shows you how to do something, they make it look so easy! Luckily, I have my daily to-do lists and written formula instructions to keep me afloat. Learning this role is difficult but with previous Swan knowledge and many cups of tea on my side, I’ll have more in-depth experience in no time.”

“Being new to the Merchandising meetings is another challenge, trying to keep up with everyone discussing shipping, docking etc. I’m looking forward to understanding it more so I can get stuck in!”

Pile of different blue graphs on top of a grey desk

4) What do you love most about the job?

“My daily tasks and incoming queries are so varied and unpredictable- it keeps me on my toes! I love random data pulls and reports to test myself on something. I’m getting into a nice routine with most tasks, but now and again, someone might come to us to ask what top 50 products were sold this month by this customer, including product dimensions and selling patterns. The most random report requests can throw you straight back into the unknown! And, although Excel is very logical and math-based, it can produce really colourful alternatives to present the data. There’s more than just pivot tables to experiment with- you’d be surprised!”

Swan Teasmade resting on a bedside cabinet with a light alarm turned on

5) What is your favourite Swan product?

“Easily, my Swan Teasmade! It fills my mornings with ease and convenience- I love it!”

6) What do you listen to on your way to work?

“Well, when I hear something I like, I’ll listen to it on repeat intensely until I’ve overheard it. I’m one of those people who gets obsessed with one or two songs. As a general rule, I’d say anything Backstreet Boys but, I’m currently listening to Jack Savoretti – Fight ‘Til the End- that’s been on repeat for about a week so far. One for the Swan Spotify Playlist is Walk the Moon – Work This Body.”

Woman wearing a blue shirt and black jeans listening to music with headphones whilst sitting on the floor

7) What song is your guilty pleasure?

“Chesney Hawkes – The One and Only, this song was the first song I learnt the words to as a kid. And my mum often tells me that whenever it came on, I’d get super excited, so ever since it’s been my jam! My family refer to it as ‘Em’s song’ every time it gets played.”

Silhouette man pushing letters I and M from the rock. Word 'possible' standing sound.

8) Name one thing you’re grateful for…

“Friends and family, always. And, this feels incredibly selfish, but I’m also very grateful for my own resilience. Whatever happens, the mindset ‘it is what it is’ proves useful in getting through day-to-day life. If you can’t change or control something, you just have to get on with it. And we should love things about ourselves more!”

I think many of us would benefit from a cup full of this attitude!

Close up of woman with red nail polish placing files in a filing cabinet

9) Could you confirm one thing you want to achieve this week?

“You know, I’ve got loads on so I’m spoilt for choice on this one! There’s a 9 box model project that’s painstakingly long and entails recategorizing products from 1-9 to A-F. Since it’s quite hefty, I’d like to get to a good point with it.”

Blue nordic kettle, microwave and 4 slice toaster on a rustic kitchen counter

10) What’s the one colour you would fill your house with?

“It would have to be the Diesel/Petrol Blue colour, similar to a very dark teal, ocean shade.”

Em lives in a lovely cottage house, and we’d love to see this interior combination!

View of a calendar with Friday 13th circled in red

11) What’s your favourite national day?

“It’s not a national day but I do love it when a Friday lands on a Friday 13th. Watching scary movies on those days is my thing, and I love anything to do with Halloween! Last year was my first time having a Halloween in the new house, and we get a village newsletter that comes around! It says if you’re open to trick-or-treaters coming to visit, then make sure to decorate your house so people know that you’re taking part. I decorated and got SO many people coming to knock on- it was great!”

Emily is truly in her element at this time of year.

Birdseye photo of a strawberry milkshake next to a side of fries

12) What’s your favourite weird food combo?

“I like to dip McDonald’s Fries into Strawberry Milkshake, no shame! Also, I love spreading Peanut Butter onto Apple slices.”

Fortunately for Emily, we’re partial to a Maccies delivery here at Swan HQ.

Birdseye view of a laptop, blanket and cup of coffee next to a side of popcorn and a lightbox that reads "movie night"

13) What’s your favourite film?

“Cool Runnings and Hot Fuzz, I literally know every single word to both of these absolute classics!”

14) What is your favourite meme of 2021?

Meme with the text "Humans: Please God let 2021 be a good one. God: You guys are still alive?"
Meme of the joker and pennywise in front of a staircase with the text "2020 showing 2021 around the workplace"