Platinum Jubilee Party Ideas: Best Tips for a Fun Garden Party!

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022, marking 70 years of Her Majesty's reign, will be celebrated on Sunday, June 5. As millions of us prepare to celebrate, here are our tips for making sure your party is one to remember.

Keen to throw a fun Jubilee garden party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? Here are our best tips to ensure your Jubilee party is one to remember.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022, marking 70 years of Her Majesty’s reign, will be celebrated on Sunday, June 5. As millions of us prepare to celebrate, here are our tips for making sure your party is one to remember.

The key to creating an unforgettable Jubilee party experience for your guests is to stimulate their senses – think sights, sounds, and tastes. Read on as we share our top tips to help you throw a sense-ational Platinum Jubilee party.

Equip your garden – outdoor essentials for your Jubilee weekend celebrations

An impressive BBQ

A garden party isn’t complete without firing up the grill. The Swan Barbeque is a must for any garden party BBQ (don’t forget the BBQ tools). 

All that’s left to decide is what tasty treats you’ll whip up. A favourite here at Swan is Paul’s Kitchen’s Jerk Chicken and Cauliflower Bang Bang, bursting with Caribbean flavour, it will be a mouth-watering addition to your Jubilee get-together.

Keep your guests cosy

Ensure your guests stay warm and cosy as the sun sets with our all-weather portable patio heater. This versatile little heater is lightweight, compact in size and easy to move around wherever and whenever you want. It can be placed on top of a table, underneath it, under your chair, on the ground or wherever is best to keep you and your guests warm.

Keep the kids (and adults) entertained

Outdoor games

Outdoor games are a great way to keep kids entertained and off screens. Think Giant Connect 4, ring toss, swingball etc.

Make your own Jubilee bingo cards

This is a fun game for the whole family and kids of all ages, and you can give out prizes to add to the excitement.

The official Queen’s Jubilee website has compiled some fun print out activities for kids including colouring pages and a royal maze to keep the little ones occupied.


These fun decoration ideas will set the scene for a royally good Platinum Jubilee party.

Flameless Candles

Battery-operated flameless candles are easy to use and create a warm atmosphere without naked flames, allowing those with pets or children to enjoy candlelight safely. There is also no messy wax to clear up!

Use net lighting over hedges

Drape lighting on hedges so that the entire hedge is covered in tiny lights like fireflies. At night, this is a great way to light up the length of your garden and create a sense of depth and height.


Whether you’re planning a street party, a small garden party with family or a picture-perfect tea party, bunting is all you need to embrace the occasion and transform your space into a brightly decorated wonderland.

Backyard lighting to take your party from day to night

Backyard party lighting is essential for every get-together. So, once the sun goes down, the good times won’t be interrupted, and the scene can take on a more magical feel.


It’s easy to forget one very important aspect when planning a party – the furniture! You can make garden chairs more comfortable for guests by adding extra seat pads and cushions, as well as some knits and blankets to keep things cosy as the sun sets.

Royal Recipes fit for a Queen

We’ve compiled a list of our top 3 favourite British recipes for the special extended bank holiday. These retro favourites include Coronation Chicken (of course!), Devonshire Scones, and a classic Victoria Sponge. We are sure Her Majesty would approve.

Devonshire Scone

No matter how you pronounce it (it rhymes with cone by the way…), there is nothing more quintessentially British than the humble scone.

Slather these scones in butter, strawberry jam, and a dollop of clotted cream. For an extra touch of class, garnish with fresh fruit for scones that are fit for a queen. 

Get our Devonshire Scone recipe here

Coronation Chicken

The recipe “Poulet Reine Elizabeth”, now widely known as “Coronation Chicken”, was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.

Besides being perfectly fitting for this occasion, Coronation Chicken is also delicious and versatile. You can use it on salads, sandwiches, or a topping for jacket potatoes. 

Get the Coronation Chicken recipe here

Classic Victoria Sandwich

No garden party is complete without cake and the Victoria Sandwich Cake is the ultimate British classic.

It’s easy to make, consisting of two layers of light sponge cake sandwiched with jam and freshly whipped cream – what’s not to love?

Get our Classic Victoria Sandwich here

Easy Union Jack-inspired treats

Red, White, and Blue Margarita Slushies

Boozy margarita slushies are a refreshing way to cool down. Make them fit for the occasion by making them red, white, and blue. We love this margarita slushy recipe by The Cookie Rookie. You can skip the alcohol and replace it with lemonade for those who don’t drink.

Two words. Charcuterie Board!

Charcuterie, Pronounced shar-ku-tuh-ree, is a French term for a platter of cured meats, cheese, veggies, nuts, olives, dried fruits, and crackers. It combines a variety of delectable tastes and textures to create a spread that will be impressive and enjoyable for any occasion. This Union Jack themed board will create a fun and celebratory feeling on any tabletop. We love this Platinum Jubilee-themed platter by Snowdonia Cheese.

Garden Party Playlist

Hopefully the sun is shining, your garden is looking beautiful, the BBQ is going, and all you need now is a Jubilee garden party playlist! 

We’ve compiled a special Jubilee playlist with some of our favourite party jams. There’s truly a little something for everyone on this 37-track playlist that includes the likes of Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Spice Girls, ABBA, and even The Beatles. And of course, no Jubilee playlist would be complete without the British National Anthem.

Check out our Jubilee playlist here

We hope you enjoyed these tips, tricks, and ideas for your Jubilee celebrations, please share so everyone can have the best Platinum Jubilee party ever!