Heritage: Diane’s 32 Year Old Swan Slow Cooker

On Sunday 9th of January, a dedicated Swan fan, Diane, got in touch with us to share her lovely Swan story. We’re proud of our heritage here at Swan- and we’ve just celebrated our 90th birthday...

Diane got in touch about a Swan Slow Cooker she had gifted to her 32 years ago this year. “I’m still using it- it’s fantastic! I wanted you to know how happy I am with this!” We’re so glad to see this thirty-two-year-old Swan Slow Cooker still in action. If this doesn’t speak wonders about the value of our Swan items, we don’t know what does.

Diane England's cream Swan Slow Cooker with beige lid

We think this everlasting Slow Cooker would have been available to the UK in the early ’80s. The kitchen must-have was given as a wedding present to Diane in 1990. And, we can’t help but think how many happy memories and delicious meals it has given to Diane over the years. We love to know our Swan items providing a helping hand in your homes over a long period.

“I’ve used it loads, and to this day, I always cook my Sunday roast in it, even a full chicken! I pop it on Saturday night, and it cooks beautifully. It has been an excellent Slow Cooker over the years.”

A massive thank you to Diane for sharing her Swan journey with us. We love hearing about our old products and the stories behind the people who’ve owned them.

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