There are few things better than garlic bread oozing with melted cheese – and people are now drooling over another variation of the classic.

In this version, the garlic bread element is replaced by...

In this version, the garlic bread element is replaced by crumpets.

The culinary genius behind the mouthwatering concoction is TikToker @foodmadesimple, who has nearly 1 million followers on the platform.

And not only are they the brains behind idea, they’ve also provided a super helpful video showing how it’s done. 

In the clip, he takes five crumpets, cuts them into quarters and arranges them in a baking dish. 

Next, he coats them in a whole lot of melted garlic butter and piles the cheese on top.

Don’t be stingy on the garlic and cheese – in this case it’s certainly the more the better.

Then, all you have to do is stick it in the oven for around 10 minutes until the cheese is melted and the crumpets are a golden brown colour. 

A drool-worthy variation of a classic.

And from the video, these crumpets look pretty damn delicious. 

Why didn’t we think of this before?

The airy texture of crumpets is perfect for drenching in garlic butter and cheese. 

And other TikTok users certainly agreed.

One person wrote: “WE MUST DO THIS.”

Another added: “Oh my I love garlic bread AND crumpets.”

A third said: “Okay so at first I was like, no you can’t mess with crumpets but now I’m sat here knowing I have crumpets in the cupboard and contemplating making this.”

A fourth just straight up left the house to immediately go and buy some crumpets.

Plenty of people have been trying out the recipe, too, with some sharing their end products on Instagram. 

So, we’re off to buy some crumpets, garlic and cheese. Food heaven! 

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