‘World’s Best Pasta Sauce’ Is Super Tasty And Has Just Three Ingredients

The ‘world’s best pasta sauce’ is ‘super tasty’, simple to make and has just three ingredients.

The ‘world’s best pasta sauce’ is ‘super tasty’, simple to make and has just three ingredients.

When it comes to making an evening meal, sometimes convenience is the way to go.

We’ve all slaved over those mega-complex cookbook recipes that even Michelin-starred chefs would struggle with – leaving the kitchen a mess and your head in a spin.

But now, one foodie has shown us how to make the ultimate pasta sauce – and it’s really very easy to do.

According to one survey, 86% of people eat pasta at least once a week – with a variety of sauces and additional ingredients giving people thousands of different options.

Italian food writer Marcella Hazan, who died in 1992, argued that a good pasta sauce is actually remarkably easy to make.

And news outlet the Mirror call her three-ingredient recipe ‘the best in the world’.

High praise indeed.

Three-ingredient sauce recipe is ‘the best in the world’.

Hazan’s recipe was initially published in her cookbook, ‘Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking’.

The ingredients are tinned tomatoes, an onion and a big knob of butter.

Her instructions say to place half of a peeled onion into a pot with the butter and tinned tomatoes.

Then, leave it all to simmer for 45 minutes. Simples.

You don’t even have to peel a single vegetable to make the sauce.

Once the butter has melted in the pan, add the tinned tomatoes and stir to combine.

Then, add half of a whole onion to the mixture.

As an option, you can also season with some salt and pepper.

Leave the sauce simmering for a quarter-of-an-hour while giving it an occasional stir – it really is that easy.

Before the time is up, cook some spaghetti before draining and popping into a bowl.

Going back to the saucepan, remove the onion and pour the rest of the sauce onto the pasta. 

And there you have it, the ‘world’s best pasta sauce’.

You might be wondering how this sauce is any different to the tomato sauces you’ve previously tried on top of pasta.

Well, one writer for The Mirror, Grace Hoffman, says she was ‘sceptical’ at first, but that it actually ‘forever changed’ her pasta dinners.

Describing it as ‘blissfully simple’, Hoffman says the sauce was ‘incredibly tasty’ and that the flavour of the onion, even though removed, still comes through.

She even says that the sauce could be further elevated with the addition of other ingredients. 

So, if you’re looking for a super convenient, low-cost alternative to your average pasta sauce, this might just be it. 

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