8 Vegan Sunday Brunch Recipes

Here are our top 8 vegan sunday brunch recipes so you can spread the love this veganuary - or even just try out something new.

Since we started the Veganuary challenge, we’ve been on the hunt for new and exciting ways to get healthy with our food choices. Whether that’s smoothies that boost the mind, body and soul or spicing up a curry recipe for that added warmth this winter. We’re on a mission to make our family favourites the vegan way and that includes finding the best vegan sunday brunch recipes.

We wanted to wow our friends with the creative ways we found to eat our family favourites whilst staying on top of the veganuary challenge. Here are our top five vegan sunday brunch recipes so you can spread the love this veganuary – or even just try out something new.

Vegan Alternatives

Creating vegan alternatives can be hard sometimes but once you’ve figured out the purpose for each component its easy to work out the best ways to alternate.

Take eggs for example. Eggs are used to combine dry ingredients in baking such as cakes or brownies. Aquafaba (the brine from beans or legumes such as chickpeas) is a perfect alternative to eggs as it works in the same way to combine other components. Bananas can also work well as an egg substitute due to its binding qualities.

We found these delicious aquafaba pancakes but to make them extra fluffy we doubled the baking powder to 4 teaspoons and made sure to fold in the fluffed up aquafaba instead of mixing so we didn’t loose any volume. For tonnes of aquafaba recipe ideas check out this post from vegan food and living.

Already a big fan of bananas, using them in one of our favourite sunday brunch recipes, as well as a topping and drizzled with a little maple syrup made these fluffy pancakes a dream.

Colourful Smoothie Bowls

We’ve been experimenting with our Swan Stealth Blender to try new, refreshing and energising smoothie options but finding these thick smoothie bowl recipes was an absolute winner.

You can make them quick and easy in your stealth personal blender or share the smoothie love with friends using the Swan Stand Blender. But its the toppings that really make these bowls.

This gorgeous strawberry and coconut granola recipe is the perfect start, but you can get creative with the toppings. From nuts, seeds and oats to dried or freshly chopped fruit and refreshing herbs like mint or ginger for an extra zing.

Whatever flavours you choose, creating a smoothie bowl is a fun and creative way to add a touch of colour to your typical sunday brunch recipes.

Potato Favourites

A full English wouldn’t be the same without hash potatoes. But since we’ve been stepping outside the box this veganuary, we’ve found some new ways to add potato into your sunday brunch recipes.

Starting off with potato pancakes, these crispy treats are perfect topped with tofu scramble. Or switch it up with different root vegetables in your pancake mix for added depth of flavour.

We recently tried this Southwest Sweet Potato Hash recipe which was another winner for the whole family. The fresh pico de gallo, chipotle cream and poblano-spiced guac layered on top created an explosion of plant-powered flavour. If you like spicy foods, you need to add this hash recipe into your sunday brunch recipes.

For more smashing vegan potato recipes check out this blog by eat plant based. There’s even some air fryer recipes perfect for the Swan Retro Air Fryer.

Get dipping

If that pico de gallo or spiced guacamole wasn’t enough, we’ve been blending up some fresh dips and sauces which are perfect on thick slices of granary toast.

Hummous is a classic dip which is a great choice when looking for vegan treats. This beetroot avocado dip is a new firm favourite added to our sunday brunch recipes. Lather them across a chunky doorstop toast or dip with toasted pitta and veggie sticks for a healthy brunch alternative.

Dips like these can line tortilla wraps for healthy breakfast burritos, act as a binder in salads instead of mayonnaise, use as a garnish atop your veggie pancakes or fill a sandwich with them.

Sunday brunch recipes the Swan way this Veganuary

For more vegan substitutes take a look at this guide on BBC good food and to learn more about veganism check out this Q&A. Whatever you’re trying for Veganuary this year, or even if you’re just looking for something new to try, we’ve always got you covered with creative and exciting recipes every week.