Veganuary with Swan

Welcoming in the new year with fresh resolutions and the space to make change shows us just how adaptive we can be when learning to better ourselves. This year we’ve been thinking about positive ways to increase mental and physical wellbeing and that starts with Veganuary.

Veganuary began in 2014 as a non-profit organization committed to promoting veganism and the many advantages the lifestyle change can have. Not just on yourself, mind and body, but also the environment and world around us. You can cut your carbon footprint and save yourself some money along the way.

As we take on the New Year’s challenge, we’ve been looking through recipes to source some vegan goodies to share. From refreshing smoothies to indulgent desserts. We’ve got you covered for a fresh and fun way to take on the veganuary challenge.

Three veganuary Fat-Burning Super Fruit Smoothie in colours green, yellow and red with fruits like bananas, strawberries and melon in the background

Smart Smoothies

When we think of a fresh new start to the year the first image that comes to mind is a nutritious green smoothie full of all the good stuff.

One of our Swan Family faves is this vegan Banana and Oat smoothie that tastes like breakfast in a bottle. The best thing about using the Swan Stealth Blender is the two different cup sizes and travel lids means you can make a smoothie in minutes and it’s ready to go straight away. No mess, no fuss.

On our search for healthy vegan options we also found these immune boosting smoothies from We Are So Vegan. The Berry and Almond has proven to boost energy later in the day and is perfect for an afternoon quencher.

Veganuary chickpea curry in a small wooden bowl with a cardboard heart label reading Vegan

Warming Curries

Curries are the perfect dish for those cold winter months and there’s so many variations to choose from to suit your specific tastes. From mild and creamy Vegan Butter Chicken to a punchy Red Lentil Curry, there’s loads to choose from and super easy to make. Why not make your curry effortless by using the Swan Slow Cooker to do all the work for you?

Branch out and try something new with our very own Indian Celeriac Curry recipe or bring out an old favourite with this vegan Chickpea Curry. It’s so easy to make a family favourite fresh and exciting this veganuary.

Air Fryer Magic

Air fryers are easily becoming the quickest and easiest way to enjoy healthy fried food without the added guilt. They’ve become a Swan Family staple, making Christmas dinner run smoother and quick lunches more efficient, without losing out on taste or quality.

One of our most popular air fryer snacks has got to be the Crispy Potatoes, with the added Cajun seasoning they become irresistible. But there’s so much more you can do with a Swan Retro Air Fryer. A new favourite we’ve discovered this veganuary is Buffalo Cauliflower Wings which pair perfectly with our very own Vegan Mayo Recipe.

A close-up of a chocolate mousse dessert in a white bowl with chocolate sprinkles on top for veganuary blog.

Desserts to Die For

One thing you might be wondering when it comes to the big switch is how you’ll get your sugary fixes as most cakes and desserts are packed with dairy products. But never fear because we already have two crushing desserts that need no adjusting to enjoy this veganuary.

First up is a classic Vegan Blueberry Cheesecake which is smooth and creamy with that beautiful balance of sweetness and tart taste to the blueberry sauce.

A firm fave is this Avocado Chocolate Mousse, luxurious and rich it pairs perfectly with our vegan Banana Ice Cream. So dreamy!

Join the Veganuary Challenge

Since the veganuary project began, hundreds of brands have got on board to create vegan-friendly offerings. This year Starbucks have waived their ‘vegan surcharge’ and will now be offering dairy-free milk alternatives at no extra cost.

The 2020 favourite KFC vegan chicken burger is back for good. And Domino’s has pulled out all the stops for their new PepperoNAY pizza powered by The Vegetarian Butcher. So, it’s not all doom and gloom if you want to binge on some fast-food faves too.

Why not join the New Year’s revolution this Veganuary? Check out our recent post on extra ways to enjoy your January health kick and get yourself ready for a healthy change.