Cheese recipe ideas

As it’s National Cheese Day, we couldn’t help but get you in the mood for a cheesy day of good-mood food. We’ve had a long twelve months, so we are ready to savour every moment we have to enjoy no longer being in lockdown. Get together (safely) and get your cheese on! Not a cheese person? Look away now.

The first thing we need to say about cheese is that we owe our lives to it. Just think about the number of times cheese has made a meal better? Come on – we’ve got a list! Take a look at these cheese recipe ideas covering a whole range of old favourites. We’ll get you inspired and ready to celebrate the cheesiest day of the year!

Today is our National Cheese Day, and we deserve to treat ourselves and try new things!

Close up on cheese and toast being pulled apart

Cheese on toast

Toast might not be a meal, but it’s pretty much safe if it’s morning time, you’re snackish or a student.

Cheese on toast made toast more than a lifesaver; it made toast acceptable to have at any time of the day. When it comes to cheese recipe ideas, this might be one of the simplest, but it’s also one of the best. We can’t remember the last time the standard cheddar cheese wasn’t on our shopping lists!

It can give you some lovely nostalgia from when you used to eat it as a kid; it can also be a comfort blanket meal to remind you of home (sweet home) after you’ve moved out from your parents’ house. The same goes for the classic meal, beans on toast, another British classic we’re in love with and always will be.

Have you tried cheese on toast from a Swan Retro Air Fryer? Oh yeah, it’s a game-changer.

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Photograph of two beef burgers with bacon and melted cheese resting on a wooden chopping board


There are countless meals that are revelations due to cheese. Two of these are our all-time favourites: pizzas and burgers. When it comes to cheese recipe ideas, these are two classics that provide you with so many options.

Let’s start with burgers.

Here’s a challenge: name one burger you’ve had that hasn’t been improved thanks to cheese. We dare you!

Burgers, we’ve not forgotten them, can be covered in melted cheese, just how we like it. You can even go out on the whole hog and grab yourself some chilli cheese sauce!

The same goes for hotdogs, another delicious and often affordable meal to prepare with cheese as the icing on the cake! We love experimenting with feta and brie cheeses, or even cranberry stilton mixed with something savoury. The combinations go on forever; either way, it’s edible. It’s a win, win situation!

Is it just our mouths that are watering right now?

Why not head straight over to our classic cheese burger recipe and rustle yourself up a treat?

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Vegetarian? No problemo!

Halloumi cooks deliciously well on our Swan Stealth Smart Grill with some tasty chargrilled asparagus. We can almost taste its goodness!

The Stealth grill can cater for various thicknesses of foods between its non-stick plates to ensure the perfect cook. Can you picture it now? There’s also little to no oil needed if you’re looking to keep things clean and healthy.

Ready, steady, let’s get sizzling!

Classic tomato and cheese pizza on a wooden pizza board with a pot of flour and eggs in the background


Pizza?! Oh hell yeah.

Mozzarella truly belongs on a pizza base, with sweet tomato pizza sauce. The three of them apparently met at the beginning of time and vowed to stay together ever since. The three amigos belong together! It doesn’t matter what toppings we add to a pizza, they’re all held together with passion, and yes, that’s right – cheese.

And for the health-conscious among you, did you know you can make a delicious pizza in your air fryer too? Check out our air fryer pizza recipe and have your mind blown!

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Cheeseboard of assorted cheeses and walnuts resting on a thin layer of rocket

A classic cheeseboard

Cheese can even be flipped on its head and enjoyed along with a luxurious and sophisticated status. Go ahead and get yourself a cheeseboard ordered while you’re sat outside a traditional British pub in the sticks with a glass of red wine.

If you feel like you’ve just been identified, have a pat on the back for being classy!

The great thing about cheese is that it’s everywhere, and there are so many different kinds of cheese to try!

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We all have our personal favourites cheese-wise, so we’ve put together a list of our popular choices and one’s we need to break out of the comfort zone with. We don’t think it will be any kind of a chore to go out and have a taster session over the summer.

-Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan)
-English Cheddar.

Stay safe, and enjoy!