How to Celebrate Pancake Day 2022

This year’s Pancake Day falls on Tuesday, 1st March, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. We've gathered recipes, activities and good vibes for you to get a head start on 2022's Pancake Day Celebrations.

This year’s Pancake Day falls on Tuesday, 1st March, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday. This day is, as always, the first day of Lent (approximately six weeks of fasting).

Shrove Tuesday is traditionally a time to use up leftover eggs, milk and sugar before Lent begins. This is why we make pancakes, and is why we now call it Pancake Day! Pancake Day is renowned for getting loved ones together for a (typically sugary) once-a-year pancake celebration. Find out more here.

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The possibilities are endless when it comes to imaginative pancake recipes, and we’ve got plenty for you to try! As well as brilliant activities for everyone to get involved in. Whether you’re trying something new this year or you’re sticking to traditional Pancake Day celebrations, we hope you have fun and conquer the art of the pancake.

Pancake Day Recipes

Let’s start with the Pancake Mix. The taste, texture and overall appearance of your pancake is crucial. If you’re after the Perfect Pancake Mix, look here. Toppings? We love the classic lemon juice and sugar toppings, but this year, we’re going to challenge you to get a little more creative.

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Banana Oat Blender Pancake Recipe

We love feeling good, and we love helping you to feel good, too! Pancakes can be a food of indulgence, and it’s totally up to you what toppings you’d like to use. But, we know healthy foods can help us feel motivated and energised. So, why not try this Banana Oat Blender Pancakes Recipe. We particularly love this recipe because it features our Swan Stealth Blender and Swan Retro 5pc Pan Set, both items making this recipe a doddle!

The blender saves you time and extra mess rather than mixing the ingredients by hand, and it blends like a trooper. This recipe only takes 12 minutes, so it’s ideal when cooking up a storm for breakfast, a quick dinner break or during your busy evening.

Pancakes with banana, berries and syrup.
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Dairy-Free Banana Pancakes Berry Compote Recipe

Another winning recipe is the Dairy-Free Banana Pancakes Berry Compote Recipe. This recipe takes a little longer at 25 minutes, but the final result is definitely worth the extra few minutes. The recipe features our Swan Retro Stand Mixer and our Swan Retro 5pc Pan Set. Both items are there to fill you with confidence when making your perfect pancakes.

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Pancake Day Activities

The Pancake Day activities give you and your loved ones hilarious memories for years to come. And we all know that laughter and lovely moments sit at the heart of any celebration.

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Pancake Day Toss

We love these Traditional Pancake Day Activities from Activity Village. A classic and self-explanatory Pancake Day Toss is much more fun than it sounds, and the game can be as easy or competitive as you’d like. Merely make your pancakes, and toss them in the pan as many times as you can within a certain time. Get the timer on and make sure the whole family get involved!

Pancake Day Recipe Treasure Hunt

Another activity that requires everyone is a Pancake Day Recipe Treasure Hunt! This activity is ideal for the parent who’s doing the Pancake Day cooking, as it means they can hide all of the ingredients in the house and sit back with a brew until they’re all found! We love an active activity for the household to get involved in, especially when everyone can relax with a pancake after the activity chaos has settled.

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A Pancake Day to Remember

We hope your 2022 Pancake Day is joyful, and we hope you make your peers proud with some mouth-watering new recipes to try. Whether it’s a quick breakfast Pancake or a whole day’s worth of dedication, may it be fun and delicious!

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Happy Pancake Day!

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