The Hangover Guide

Welcome to Swan's Hangover Guide! Prepare to feel cured of a hangover, even if you’re not at this moment hungover at all. (Cool, right?) Although, you probably should be hung over, given that we're finally able to socialise and head down to the pub with our friends after so long! As much as we’re dying to hear your stories of how you've been celebrating, we have a job to do. And that job is to cure you of the morning after!

We’re going to ease you back into normal life again with a light-hearted hangover guide. Let’s face it, some of us are very out of practice when it comes to social drinking after over a year of lockdowns! This hangover guide isn’t like any other hangover guide, so prepare for your lives to be changed.

Photograph of woman in brown dressing gown with a hangover on the floor of her room with a bra and bottle of wine nearby

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The morning after the night before

Photograph of woman at her office desk with a hangover

Traffic cones stuck on heads? Bruised bums from slipping over on that disco-themed dance-floor? Someone else’s shoes on your feet when you wake up? Can’t cope with last nights camera roll content? Not sure whether to laugh or cry? Or in a ball curled up on the floor after deleting all evidence of the night even happening?

This heavily depends on what the evening turned into. But whether it involved tears of laughter or sadness, we’ll see you through. There’s never going to be anything quite as daunting as that morning-after Insta-story assessment.

Whatever kind of night you’ve had, and whatever emotions or symptoms you’ve woken up the following morning with, we’ve all been there. Some of you could be sat there at work right now suffering from the vengeful plague that is dehydration and those dreaded shakes…

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We’ve chosen to do a hangover guide for you since we’re all going to be going through it. So, we might as well go through it together and make the next-day struggle as bearable as possible! A small shoutout to everybody who’s hungover having to go to work in hospitality today, by the way. You’re absolute troopers for working around alcohol on a hangover, let alone people.

We work hard and we’ve done amazingly well to keep up with this new lifestyle that’s emerged from the pandemic. This can only mean one thing: it’s time to play hard! We’ve been scared, unable to leave the house, confused and unsure of the future. This sounds a lot like a hangover in itself!

If you’ve been celebrating the reopening of pubs and restaurants, good on you! We’ll let your mid-week behaviour off because, if the pandemic has taught us anything, there really is no time like the present! Did you book the day off? You are officially the smartest type of person if you did. If you didn’t, we hope you’re okay – deep breaths!

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Photograph of strawberry and mint cocktail at the beach

Hair of the dog…

If you can’t cope with the idea of more alcohol, then quickly scroll onto the next point with one eye open. If you’ve wisely got the day to yourself or you have even more social plans to take part in, then this is the cure for you! There’s no time like the present to get practising and playing catch up after a year of early nights! There’s no time to think about your hangover – get ready and don’t let the party stop!

This hangover is tomorrow’s problem!

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Retro Pink Pump Espresso Machine on a light oak countertop in a kitchen

Coffee machine

For some of you dirty stop-outs, a coffee might be the cure for anything from the smallest to the biggest of hangovers. You might not have any symptoms or hangover at all, but you can still crave a lovely frothy coffee. Tiredness gets to the best of us and we deserve a nice start to the day – we’re good people!

This hangover tip is a game-changer when it comes to starting your day with your best foot forward. A Swan Espresso Coffee Machine is here to give you that early morning kick-start and help you to enjoy your coffee with style. This way, at least you still have your pride (or at least between us you do).

Stay sassy on a hangover with Retro Pink!

Photograph of the Swan Stealth Personal Blender in a black fitted kitchen next to a plate of trffles, a bowl of museli and fruit smoothie

Stealth Blender

Let’s say you’ve woken up with someone else’s shoes on, you’ve been on a bender, you’re off out to work (not ideal), and you’re just after that clean detox feel (which you need pretty much instantly). You’re chuffed to have caught up with all of your pals and social life but not so chuffed to be feeling how you’re feeling.

Grab yourself a quick smoothie with the Swan Stealth Blender, made for a handy morning turnaround. Pick your favourite fruits and immerse yourself in a world of colour, filling your body with revitalising goodness in the process!

The most stylish hangover you ever did suffer…

This is the cure for you and a bit of a life hack in general. Consider yourself a new person after discovering this cleanse buddy!

Tweet from John Nissan talking about an asparagus label stating it can help cure a hangover

Fruits that we know will sort your unbalanced self out today, especially when thrown together in a smoothie, include bananas, watermelon, blueberries, oranges and coconut water.

And as for the veggies, there’s pickles (not for us!), spinach, avocado, asparagus (proof found below), sweet potato, ginger (for anti-nausea, yes please!) and good old tomato juice.

Visit Healthline to find out more about why these foods help our hangovers!

Photo by @John_Nissan

Photograph of dippy eggs and soldiers, poached eggs on muffins and the Swan Egg Boiler

Egg Boiler

Another instant get-recovered-quick-scheme comes from the use of our Swan Egg Boiler to sort out that nasty headache you’ve risen from the pit with. Healthline says that ‘eating cysteine-rich eggs is a great way to increase glutathione in your body and possibly improve hangover symptoms.’ It sounds smart, so therefore we believe it! Especially when the process of cooking something good for you (eggs galore) has been made a heck of a lot easier with this boiler!

The last thing anybody needs when they’re feeling delicate is for everything to feel like more effort! Treat your not-so-well self to egg on soldiers!

Photograph of Swan Green Retro Air Fryer cooking chips

Air fryer

This bad boy is your lifesaver, whether you’re hanging or not! Life is going so fast now that lockdowns restrictions have been eased and it’s hard to get used to this new (old) pace of life! Fancy a sausage sandwich and chips?

We’re telling you, hand on heart, that a Swan Retro Air Fryer will change your cooking habits for the better. It’s so quick and easy to use, just throw the ingredients in and switch it on, shake it about a few times during the fry, and there you have it. An easy life! You don’t even have to leave the house for a cafe-quality sausage sandwich and chips!

Beats having to get dressed to visit the local chippy…

So, there you have it, team hangover! We’re all cured and back to being fabulously sober and (semi-)repaired. We imagine there’re so many fun times ahead and lots of memories to be made between you and your loved ones. We’ve been a part of history this past year!

On behalf of the Swan team, have fun but please stay safe, and we’ll see you back at the top of this page tomorrow morning… You know who you are!