Host the Perfect Summer Party

A gathering of good friends under the summer sun can set the tone for an entire season, and with so many lovely days on the horizon, conditions are perfect for a party...

Whatever style of soirée you have in mind, we have some tips to make it a joyous and memorable occasion for family and friends.

Our Summer Party Guide:

Almond and chocolate squares on a wooden chopping board dusted with coconut flakes

Garden Party

A garden party brings all the joy of a picnic with the elegance of a traditional tea party.

Food is of course an essential part of any gathering of friends. We recommend preparing in advance, freezing what you can and refrigerating the rest. Pasta salads are an easy solution to feeding multiple hungry mouths. You can heat it through in the oven if you’d like to warm things up or serve straight from the fridge.

Classic entrees can include olives, a nut selection, and for those with a sweet tooth Fearne’s Almond and Chocolate Squares make a delicious treat.

Close-up of a campfire with cooking equipment and a saucepan full of vegetables next to grilled meat

The Great British BBQ

It’s a British classic (though perhaps the Aussie’s are the trailblazers) and it will never go out of style as long as there’s a sausage to grill an overly confident male to light the fire, hopefully just in the barbeque. If you and your friends prefer a relaxed setting, the tasty charcoal flavours of hamburgers and hotdogs then the BBQ is the perfect party for you.

Ensure your buns are fresh and there’s plenty of side salad, including the unmissable potato salad and coleslaw that are staples of UK party fare. Serve up alongside some Raspberry Fizz, a succulent, refreshing and delightful beverage to keep the whole party cool. Serve up in our Swan 8L Glass Beverage Dispenser Set for a dash of class and a twist of style.

To protect guests from the sunshine it’s best to set up some shade. Setting up a gazebo for larger parties or a sun canopy can alleviate any sunburn concerns. It’s also a good idea for keeping those little ones out of the heat and giving them some shade, that’s still close to the action, to play in.

Satay chicken skewers next to a homemade pot of satay peanut sauce

Beach Party

A rarer occasion in the UK, but if you live close to the seaside this is the season to take advantage. Set up some picnic tables, a cooler box and a portable BBQ or Fire Pit and you have yourself a beach party. If you can find a quiet spot where you, family and friends can spread out, then lay out the towels and find the perfect tunes to play through a Bluetooth speaker.

Food that can be prepared beforehand should be easily transported, our homemade BBQ chicken Drumsticks can be cooked at home and eaten cold on the beach, or even reheated on a portable barbeque! Serve these alongside Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce and all stomachs will be satisfied.

Bed of vegetables including carrots, broccoli and onions topped with two fillets of grilled salmon

Dinner Party

Do you have some garden furniture you’ve been longing to put to use? Set up your table outside, hang fairy lights around the garden and light some lanterns. You can easily create a relaxing atmosphere for when the sun gets low and your guests are still enjoying their delicious beverages and some light dessert.

Start with a selection of light canapes, laid out on a table in the house that your guests can grab as they head into the back of the house and back into the sunshine. When everyone is seated serve up a meal of Steamed Salmon, prepared with white wine and tarragon in a halogen oven.

For dessert, a scoop of Fearne’s Frozen Yoghurt with Orange and Rosemary served with fresh fruit. Light, refreshing and hassle-free.

How will you be enjoying the sunshine with friends this summer? Share your perfect party ideas with us on social media at @SwanBrandUK.