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12th May 2021

International Nurses Day 2021

Today is a special day and deserves so much of our attention. Today is International Nurses Day 2021, a day on which we celebrate and recognise all nurses and their phenomenal work worldwide.

11th May 2021

Cocktail ready recipes

We’re not even sure where to start when assuring ourselves we deserve some quality time with friends and family right now. We, without a doubt, deserve this time to safely socialise and break out of the in-house comfort zones we’ve made for ourselves. What better way to socialise than over a couple of delicious cocktails? As indoor socialising is permitted from next Monday, now is the perfect time to dust off that cocktail shaker and try out some new cocktail recipes.

30th April 2021

Kitchen tiles galore

We’re here today to talk about kitchens and the importance of their style. This is a hot topic because, over the last year, we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever. Spotting things we’d like to improve about our homes has become a revelation in itself since the first lockdown. We’ve come through good times and bad. We’ve battled through the lockdowns and restrictions and we’ve all made changes to our homes where we can in the process. Ultimately, we’ve had to cater for a completely new lifestyle and adapt to new ways of living, while perhaps treating ourselves in the process.

26th April 2021

Kitchen design post-lockdown

Our interior design influences often come from trends we see online and in magazines. We are often sold the dream and we want to realize that dream in our own homes – rightfully so. We deserve the dream! However, over the past twelve months, our needs have changed a great deal. Many of us now have a completely different lifestyle from the one we used to have. We used to spend next to no time in our homes, whereas now we’ve become accustomed to quite the opposite.

22nd April 2021

Picnic Ready

Spring is here, and we’re loving every minute of it. The only thing that could possibly improve it is the plan for a perfect picnic. We’re imagining a light breeze on our faces and sunshine warming our skin as we sit amongst loved ones happily and safely. After the last twelve months, we’re more than here for this!

21st April 2021

Tea recipe ideas for National Tea Day

In Britain, having a cup of tea is not just a way of staying hydrated or getting a little caffeine boost – it’s a way of life! Whether you fancy a breather from a busy day or a catch-up with friends, there’s no better way than putting the kettle on and making a brew. So, it's no surprise that on April 21st we celebrate National Tea Day. This year more than ever it’s a great time to celebrate how a good cuppa can bring us closer together. To help you celebrate this great British tradition, this post gives you some of our favourite tea recipe ideas. Try them for yourself or make them for friends and family – either way, it's time to salute the humble cup of tea!

12th April 2021

Outside Spaces: Top Trends For 2021

In April 2020, we had no idea what was about to happen to the rest of our year. We never imagined we’d be going through what we’ve been through, and without a single moment to prepare. We’ve struggled through rough times, boring times and lazy times. However, there are definitely a few positives to have come out of the unforeseen; we’ve really been able to appreciate our outside spaces and had the time to understand our personal outside areas.

10th April 2021

It’s time to get staycation ready

We’re not sure where to start on this subject; it’s been such a long time coming! But now is the time to get staycation ready! We’re so ready for a little sunshine, a little rest and a little fun. We deserve a break after the last twelve months, and we’ve certainly earned it, to say the least.

30th March 2021

What to do this Easter

We are so ready and excited to see the sunny days approaching. The season for garden parties, unwinding on summer evenings. And with lockdown coming to a blissful end, we can expect to see family and friends after a long while to celebrate being together again. This easter will be a little bit different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the day with great food and spring-inspired activities.

29th March 2021

Outdoor Living

It is time to head into the open and embrace your own outdoor living space. Oh wow. How can we even begin to describe the madness that has been 2020? We were living a totally different life before the pandemic started over a year ago now. And we can’t believe how quickly time has passed. Now is the time to head into the open and embrace your outdoor living space.
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