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21st October 2020

How To Enjoy Your Halloween Quarantine

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Halloween won’t be the same this year. Trick or treating is off the cards for kids, and with large gatherings not permitted, fancy-dress parties at your house will be limited to just your household. But just because we need to remain socially distanced, this doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled! There are still many different ways you can enjoy your Halloween safely at home. We have put together a list of some of our favourite things you can do this Halloween so you can still have a spooktacular time!

29th August 2019

What Can Your Microwave Do For You?

5 Helpful Hints to Get More Out Of Your Microwave

We often think of our microwaves as the dirty secretes we keep in the corner of the kitchen. We don’t shove ready meals in there on a Tuesday night when work has gotten us too tired! No! We are culinary geniuses, whipping up a homemade feast every night.

No, no we can’t. Your microwave can be your best friend without meaning you're making unhealthy quick dishes every night. Please allow us to reintroduce you to this very handy and revolutionary cooking appliance.

24th September 2018

Tips and Trick for your Autumnal Slow Cooking

As the season begins to mellow to the soft golden hues of autumn and the cosy jumpers begin to emerge from the back of the cupboard, it’s time to rethink the dinner menu. Autumn is the time of rich flavours, indulgent stews and comforting soups and our Retro Slow Cookers are perfect for relaxing into autumn and creating those warming seasonal classics.

18th September 2018

Simply Slow Cooking

Slow cooking is a method that transforms simple ingredients into delicious meals. Whether it’s a warming soup or a rich stew, the slow cooker is an essential tool for producing fantastic food. It’s also an energy conserving, money saving marvel, perfect for any budding students seeking a nutritious lifestyle on a tight schedule. Here’s why slow cooking is worth taking the time for.

17th July 2018

Beat the Daily Grind with a Barista Video Guide

The sweet scent of that first cup in the morning can melt all resistance to the day ahead and bring life to the sleep heavy limbs of any early morning riser. Coffee is truly man’s best friend and as we launch our stylish and chic Retro Coffee Maker, we have some ways you can make the most of your coffee.

3rd July 2018

Coffee Flavour Profiles to Rock Your World

When we consider our relationship with coffee we usually imagine our local branded chain of coffee officiants. The sharp sound of steam emitting from the machine, the anxiety of deciding whether today begins with the kick of an espresso or the smooth foam of a cappuccino.

21st June 2018

Celebrate with Fruity Flavours and Classic Coolers

Serving up a selection of refreshing drinks at a party means mixing the right flavours to achieve that balance of cool comfort and fruity flavours. We can help you stay cool with a selection of delightful beverages, perfect as a non-alcoholic quencher of thirst or as a way to get the party started, whether you’re gathering to cheer on your team together or setting up for a picnic in the garden with friends.

18th June 2018

Food Prep for the Ultimate Party

The menu for the modern party can be as full of pitfalls as a badger’s forest home. With diets ranging from vegan to gluten-free, things can get complicated. We’ve designed a friendly menu that won’t exclude anyone in the room.

13th June 2018

Host the Perfect Party this Summer

A gathering of good friends under the summer sun can set the tone for an entire season, and with so many lovely days on the horizon, conditions are perfect for a party. Whatever style of soirée you have in mind, we have some tips to make it a joyous and memorable occasion for family and friends.

11th June 2018

Make a Holiday of Memories this Summer

With the summer months finally in our midst, it’s time to start planning some special trips away with the kids.

Are you a family of adventurers, seeking rocks to climb and woodlands to explore? Or are you a more relaxed crew, inclined more to a BBQ on the beach and a paddle in the waves? Here’s some inspiration to help you make those all-important family memories this British Summertime.

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