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19th February 2021

Introducing Yellow and Purple to the Retro Range!

Welcome to our most recent epiphany of colour. If you weren’t already looking forward to all things summer, then now is the time to get excited. Introducing Mellow Yellow and Lavender Purple to the best-selling Retro Range.

18th February 2021

Swan Brand and the NHS

Imagine having a duty that requires you to look after poorly people for long hours at a time. Now imagine having a duty to look after these people who are not just poorly, but they’re potentially able to pass a life-threatening virus onto you and your loved ones...

17th February 2021

Swan’s Black Friday Live Event

Swan’s Black Friday Live event was a huge achievement for Swan and lots of fun. I mean, don’t get us wrong we had some sleepless nights organising this day. Not only was it live (no pressure), but it involved a number of teams coming together all doing what they love with only a small amount of time to do it in.

17th February 2021

Swan’s work with Alice Charity

In November 2020, the Swan team had a lovely little epiphany. Since coming together and donating heaps of Swan appliances to the NHS for our Care Package Scheme in April, we couldn’t help but feel that more support could be given to people in need...

17th February 2021

The home-is-life era: how to find privacy in an open-plan home

We’re here today to talk with you about your new home-is-life environment. We really can’t tell you how well you’ve done over the past year, working, not working, kids, no kids, messy partners, whatever your situation has been, it’s been a tough one no doubt.

10th February 2021

Pancake Day: Recipes and Topping Ideas

Shrove Tuesday, aka Pancake Day, is one of our favourite days of the year, and it is just around the corner.

8th February 2021

How to spend Valentine’s day at home

It will come as no surprise that Valentine's Day is going to be a bit different in 2021, with coronavirus lockdown restrictions still in place. But, love it or loathe it, on February 14, it's hard to resist heart-shaped merchandise, and there's no exception this year.

8th February 2021

Swan’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, which, while romantic, can not be all that comforting if on Valentine's Day you can't be with your loved ones. What is helpful, however, is our list of thoughtful Valentine's presents that you can give directly to your other half or a loved one to brighten up their Valentines day.

25th January 2021

Swan Is Now Available In A Tesco Near You

We are starting 2021 with some very exciting news! Our products are now stocked in Tesco! Our Swan products are now available in 35 locations all over England, Scotland and Wales, so wherever you are in the UK keep your eyes peeled for your favourite Swan products in the Tesco store near you.

14th January 2021

Veganuary 2021 with Swan

With the first week of January over, the Veganuary cohort this year is already the largest since the pledge started in 2014. Over 500,000 individuals have now signed up for the 31-day vegan challenge, surpassing the total of 400,000 in 2020, and sign-ups are continuing swiftly with an average rate of one person signing up every 3 seconds.
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