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View our latest mix of articles filled with inspiration and ideas for the kitchen and things to do with the family.

21st June 2018

Celebrate with Fruity Flavours and Classic Coolers

Serving up a selection of refreshing drinks at a party means mixing the right flavours to achieve that balance of cool comfort and fruity flavours. We can help you stay cool with a selection of delightful beverages, perfect as a non-alcoholic quencher of thirst or as a way to get the party started, whether you’re gathering to cheer on your team together or setting up for a picnic in the garden with friends.

18th June 2018

Food Prep for the Ultimate Party

The menu for the modern party can be as full of pitfalls as a badger’s forest home. With diets ranging from vegan to gluten-free, things can get complicated. We’ve designed a friendly menu that won’t exclude anyone in the room.

13th June 2018

Host the Perfect Party this Summer

A gathering of good friends under the summer sun can set the tone for an entire season, and with so many lovely days on the horizon, conditions are perfect for a party. Whatever style of soirée you have in mind, we have some tips to make it a joyous and memorable occasion for family and friends.

11th June 2018

Make a Holiday of Memories this Summer

With the summer months finally in our midst, it’s time to start planning some special trips away with the kids.

Are you a family of adventurers, seeking rocks to climb and woodlands to explore? Or are you a more relaxed crew, inclined more to a BBQ on the beach and a paddle in the waves? Here’s some inspiration to help you make those all-important family memories this British Summertime.

6th June 2018

Health, Happiness and Hygge: Living the Nordic Life

The Nordic countries are renowned for their easy-going lifestyle and wellbeing. But how have they achieved such an enviable record on health, education, equality and, well… happiness?

We’re here to help you embrace the Nordic lifestyle and achieve greater balance in this topsy-turvy world.

30th May 2018

Our Guide to Nordic Design

There is a certain poetry to Nordic design, its emphasis on swathes of natural light, crisp clean white walls like blank unbroken paper.

For the Scandinavian, a room should emphasise organic shapes and provide character through singular statement pieces. Here’s our guide to capturing the Nordic style in your home.

25th May 2018

Need to Concentrate? There’s a Matcha for That

We live in a world constantly driving for perfection and as technology advances, at a steady if startling rate, sometimes the every day can become a bit too far from the comforts of a simpler age.

16th May 2018

Keeping it Healthy with Tea

There is no question that we, the Great British populace, are absolutely devoted to a good cup of tea. Whether we’re enjoying a good ol’ builder’s brew or we’re sipping on classic Darjeeling, we love our tea and always will. It is perhaps our love of tea that has made us the cake loving, scone munching people that we are. Here are a few surprising truths about tea and the way a cup a day can help keep, cancer, heart disease and even diabetes at bay!

4th May 2018

Keep cool and carry on sunbathing this summer

The sunshine heralds a happy season of sunbathing in the local park, BBQs in the garden and chilling by the seaside for most Brits with a love of summer fun. It can, however, lead to some unpleasant skin peeling, headache-inducing and even emergency service calling consequences. We have a few hints and tips to keep you and your loved ones chilled out and loving life this summer.

30th April 2018

Get summer ready with Swan

As the sun begins to clear away the grey winter clouds we Brits want to make the most of those tantalisingly rare rays.
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